Garbage Disposal Repair – New Jersey

If your kitchen sink is clogged due to a faulty garbage disposal unit, contact Dispatch Appliance Repairs for a quick repair. We provide services across the Union, Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties in New Jersey. Whether your garbage disposal unit is clogged or is not working properly, you can count on our specialists to get your kitchen smell fresh again. We have the expertise to accurately diagnose and repair the problem, regardless of the make or model of your garbage disposal unit.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

The garbage disposal is the most used appliance in the kitchen that offers you the convenience to clear up the food waste and unclog sink. However, oversized food particles, accumulation of debris and general misuse can cause problems in its functioning. Here are some of the common signs that indicate your garbage disposal unit needs repair: 

  • Unit does not turn on
  • Unit turns on but does not make any sound
  • Leaks around the garbage disposal
  • Water does not drain
  • Whining sound
  • Clogged drain
  • Stuck flywheel or the unit does not spin
  • Broken garbage disposal
  • The unit does not grind waste food material


Services Offered

Contact Us For Professional Garbage Disposal Repair In New Jersey

At Dispatch Appliance Repairs, we make sure that your garbage disposal unit is repaired efficiently and any potential issues are well taken care of to prevent major problems in the long run. We use the highest quality parts backed with the best warranties in the industry. Our appliance repair specialists will also educate you on the maintenance of the system to prolong its durability. 

To schedule a garbage disposal repair service in Passaic, Essex, Union or Berger County, NJ, you can call at (201) 407 - 1716