Do you offer same day appliance repair?

Yes, provided that you schedule a service during the business hours.


What modes of payment do you accept?

You can pay in cash, through credit card or personal check.


Do you charge a fee for the initial service call?

Yes, but you do not pay this fee if you hire us for appliance repair job. In that case, you will be charged only for the repair work.


Do you provide dryer vent cleaning?

We provide replacement for some dryer vents, depending upon their installation and length (usually less than 10 feet). If the vent passes through ceilings or is difficult to reach, we can assist you in finding a professional vent cleaning company to handle the task efficiently.


Can the free service call be pooled with other coupons?

Yes, but that would be the only service call during which you can use the double coupon for the appliance repair.